Hafilax Does HPX 2013: Day #3 Preview

2013-hpx-festival-announcement-011As the festival gravitates towards the weekend, it gets harder to see every show that is happening that night as the list of artists / venues grows. Instead of staying put at one venue, I find myself hoping from one venue to another, as things start to feel more or less like a pub crawl. Making sure that I get to see everything that Halifax Pop Explosion has to offer. Thursday night is no exception. You’ll find me covering a killer rap show at the Olympic Community Hall, a sweet-ass rock show at the Reflections, and wherever the rest of the night takes me. There’s also Joel Plaskett, who’s playing with Symphony Nova Scotia over at the Rebecca Cohn. With so much going on, not coming out Thursday to see Halifax Pop Explosion would just be plain wrong.

Picking a favorite a venue to go to, on day #3 is impossible, since all the artist/bands I want to see are just scattered everywhere. So I’ve decided to make a playlist of artists/bands, who I’m favoriting right now. (You’ll notice that not one artist on this list is playing at the same venue).

Killer Mike, “Untitled”
Where @: Olympic Community Hall, 10:00 PM

Killer Mike is without a doubt my #1 pick of the night. If you are to see one show, it should be this one. His latest album “R.A.P. Music” has been playing non-stop on my music player lately. It’s an authentic rap record, without all the bling bling bullshit.

Hannah Georgas, “Waiting Game”
Where @: St. Matthews Church, 09:00 PM

Hannah Georgas is a singer/songwriter who started off playing acoustic sets, and has recently released a synth-rock album. Her voice has been compared to Feist, but she’s more straight-forward, and her sound is on the harder side. I”m definitely looking forward to her performance.

Hollerado, “So It Goes”
Where @: Reflections Cabaret, 11:00 PM

Hollerado is an indie rock band, who’s sorta on the edge of being called an alternative-rock band (anymore closer, they wouldn’t have made Halifax Pop Explosion). Anyway, this video is about the relationship between the grandsons of two war veterans, very interesting story.

Fucked Up, “Queen Of Hearts”
Where @: The Pavilion, 08:30 PM & The Marquee, 12:30 AM

This video is a sing-off between girls vs. boys, an overdub of Damian Abraham’s voice. An interesting take, on an already awesome song. If you haven’t heard of Fucked Up already, their a hardcore-punk band, who previous played a while back at the festival. They’re original, aggressive, and loud!

Repartee, “Sprawl II” (Arcade Fire cover)
Where @: The Bus Stop Theatre, 10:00 PM

I had the pleasure to catch Repartee back at the East Coast Music Week. Meg Warren of Repartee has quite the stage presents, and her band is alot of fun. They’re the next big thing in the electro-pop genre, all the way from St. John’s, Newfoundland!

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