Hafilax Does HPX 2013: Day #2 Preview

2013-hpx-festival-announcement-011WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY! On Wednesday, Halifax Pop is loaded with a bunch of shows happening downtown to will fill your boots with. From a folk & garage rock show with 2 Halifax bands, Willie Stratton & The Boarding Party, and The Everywheres at the CKDU Lobby to a punk-power-pop show happening at the Olympic Community Hall. Day #2 is sure to capture the excitement of the festival.

And speaking of the show at Olympic Community Hall (my pick of the night), let’s speak of the bands who are playing there, that grab my attention. The band opening up the show, OUTTACONTROLLER, is a Halifax-based band with a lot of punk & a lot fuzz. This might be my first time seeing them live, but after listening to their music on their bandcamp site, they are a good introductory to the Halifax power-punk scene. Many of the previous things I said about the first band, can be said about the next band, The Cold Warps. I must have been living under a rock, cause I haven’t seen this band either, but I’m digging them. Both bands have the Ramones as their influences, and I can make the comparisons. Just good old catchy punk music. The 3rd band in the line-up are the Obits, who are also playing the night before at Gus’ Pub, so catch them at both shows if you can. Both Obits, and Wavves are signed to SUB POP, and both have released their brand spanking new albums, “Bed & Bugs” & “Afraid Of Height” respectively. I’m thinking good things come in twos on Day #2 of the Halifax Pop Explosion.

Wavves, “Sail To The Sun”
Where @: Olympic Community Hall, 11:00 PM

This track sets the pace for the video, as we find out that the man in the video ain’t practicing what he preaches. Maybe going from one extreme to another might actually balance things out, or could land you naked in a hotel with your wallet stolen. Oh, karma’s a bitch.

Cold Warps, “Hang Up On You”
Where @: Olympic Community Hall, 09:00 PM

How many movies can you name from this music video? Lets see… I’ve got Back To The Future, Jurassic Park, Home Alone. I’ll let you figure out the rest. Anyway, this one of the bands that I was talking about earlier. If they play like this live, we got ourselves a show.

Willie Stratton, “November”
Where @: CKDU Lobby, 06:15 PM

Now something a little un-punk related. If you make yourself to the CKDU Lobby, you’ll get to see this awesome band. They may not sound like punk, but their energy level would suggest otherwise, as they play their heart out. I’ve seen them play live in someone’s own house.

Gloryhound, “TKO Tokyo”
Where @: The Seahorse Tavern, 01:00 PM

Continuing on with the rock bands, we got one of the most rocking bands of them all. And they are also from Halifax, see a trend happening here! Seriously, I like the outside support that’s coming to the festival, but us haligonians know how to rock it.

Le Trouble, “Fine Line”
Where @: The Seahorse Tavern, 10:00 PM

A little romantic sounding tune by the boys from Le Trouble. You’ll notice that one of the guys are playing some kind of accordion keyboard, which really sound nice. Just of thought of sitting on the patio, sipping wine, in the moonlight. Ahem, sorry for being a little romantic.

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