Hafilax Does HPX 2013: Day #5 Preview

2013-hpx-festival-announcement-011It all comes down to this, the final day of the Halifax Pop Explosion is here, and what better way to end the festival, to end it off with a bang! And when I mean bang, there’s a few venues that are playing a mixture of noise rock & metal, which is right up my alley. Now before I give you some loud music videos to head bang to, let’s take a look at the free show that the festival is offering us during the day.

Happening at the Grand Parade, we have Islands, DIANA, By Divine Right, Seoul, The Town Heroes, & A.A. Wallace. Opening up the show, A.A. Wallace (former lead of the Sleepless Nights), DJ, & master of some funky electronic music, he’s definitely gonna warm up the crowd for this event. One of Halifax’s favorite bands, The Town Heroes, their an alternative rock band, who has a healthy obsession with hockey. That’s cool, I like hockey too. Seoul, a band from Montreal (not from Korea), I think their fairly new, but they play in the genre of ambient/chillwave, similar to the bands I listen to, neat!, well… I guess this is a band worth checking out! By Divine Right, a band with a who’s gone through a billion line-up changes, but has kept their awesome brand of indie rock. Next up, is another must see, DIANA, a band who’s warn out my playlist with their latest LP, “Perpetual Surrender”, their another chillwave band, with the feeling of relaxing on the beach. And last but not least, Islands, another Montreal-based band, in the realm of some melodic indie-rock. I dunno too much about this band, but I think Jeff digs them.

So yeah, six bands for free! And easily one of the best shows of the last day of HPX. Come to think of it, this is an awesome line-up of bands. It’s the only outside venue, so, bring a toque just in case.

Now friends, let’s get on to the loudness!!!!!!!!1

KEN mode, “Secret Vasectomy”
Where @: Pavilion, 9:00 PM & Michael’s Bar & Grill, 1:00 AM

Need some motivation to wake up in the morning to go to school/work? Try this video for size, it’s got all the jam-packed energy you’ll ever need. (It also keep you on top of all those projects at work). KEN mode, the metallic hardcore-influenced noise rock band that doesn’t come in a bottle.

Full Of Hell, “Fox Womb”
Where @: Pavilion, 8:00 PM & Michael’s Bar & Grill, 12:00 AM

Steamrolling into HPX is the powerful, Full Of Hell! Hold on while I go grab the lyrics to this song, oh wait, nevermind… it’s f**king hardcore. You might as well sit there, and listen while this track kicks your ass. There’s also added camera shake to cause confusion, and a sense of danger.

Metz, “Wasted”
Where @: Olympic Community Hall, 10:00 PM

Warning, this next video may be a little disturbing. Eye assure you, viewer discretion is adv-eye-sed. Enough with the puns, this is Metz, they’re awesome, you might think they’re awesome, you may not, but check them out anyway.

The Motorleague, “Failsafes”
Where @: Olympic Community Hall, 9:00 PM

How many video games can you name? … as The Motorleague takes you back to, as early as the 1980’s with these MS-DOS PC classics. For all you kids who don’t know what I’m talking about, this is when video games were actually challenging. Playstation, Xbox, please…

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