The Odd Bit, Self-Titled EP, Independent

Cd-FrontDo you remember back when straight up edgy hard-rock music hit the airwaves back in the mid 90’s? I sure do! The music was lively, fans were anxiously excited to go see these shows, and it was a happening thing. But somehow everything fell to the wayside. Luckily, Halifax is been the home of bands like Sandbox, The Jimmy Swift Band, Slowcoaster, Alert The Medic that have kept that feeling going and alive, and now we have The Odd Bit, with their latest self-titled.

This 4 track EP kicks off with their first single, “First Impression”, which features this funky guitar intro, and some hard-hitting drums. When the upbeat tempo drives into the chorus, your ears our feed with this killer bass line. The lyrics here are catchy, and you can just tell by the end of the second chorus, that the band here are having alot of fun of making this track.

“Gardens of Flowers” starts off by highlighting Andre Pettipas’s vocals, which seems to be challenged throughout the album, but he hits all the high notes with ease. And at the tail-end of the track features this epic heavy metal guitar solo. It’s to be noted that the production on this EP is fantastic, from start to finish. Everything on here just sounds so crisp, and clean. The boys are naturals when it comes to their craft.

Things get interesting on the track, “Get Things Clear”, especially after the 2:00 minutes where the band goes all out into another guitar solo that subtly ends into a ska groove. This is the highlight of the album, I’m hoping this where the band moves forward by taking more risks like this, and experimenting more often with their sound on later releases. Also, I find that the guitar work on this track is excellent. “No Goodbyes” closes the albums the off, ensuring there’s more to come from the band. (I believe that’s where they were getting at).

After a many spins through the album, the self-titled EP is fun & enjoyable, and serves as a prelude for a full LP to come. As artists, it’ll be interesting to see how the band evolves, and in what kind of direction they push their style towards.


Oh, BTW, I know this is unusual for an album review, just gotta say, The Odd Bit’s gotta CD launch party happening on the 4th of October @ the Harbour Front Lounge, Casino Nova Scotia. If you haven’t seen them live yet, they are awesome, 100% time, you’ll have a good time!

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