Friday Night Soundtrack – September 5, 2013: Frosh Week Edition

So it appears that, once again, the summer has come and gone as quickly as it always has.  Gone are the 30 degree days, the late night sunsets, and those even later nights sitting around the fire with a beer in hand.  But all of that can only mean one thing….Fall is right around the corner and with that comes the start of the school semester.  Newbies will be froshed, seniors will cheers to the possible last year of their college lives and drunk students will hang out the windows of their dorms while blaring some sort of hit from the past few decades.

Which brings us directly to this weeks edition of the FNS.  For the record, this week there is no rhyme or reason as into how I came up with the following five songs.  I simply blew threw my iTunes library and came across five songs that best fit the theme I was going for this week.  So in no particular order I bring to you a list of songs, which are more than likely being played from dorm rooms in each and every university in North America.

In no way do I stand behind this list.  It is most definitely NOT a must listen….unless of course your a frosh.


1 – Dexys Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen

I’m not sure that this song can be killed and for the life of me have no idea why it’s so popular.  Have you ever seen how a group of drunk freshman behave when this song comes across the speakers.  Bananas!


2 – Simon & Garfunkel – Cecilia

A classic Simon & Garfunkel track.  It has an awesome beat which really pops at the very start and has some amazing harmonies throughout the entire song.


3 – James – Laid

Made popular by the American Pie series but life after movies would continue thanks to the college life.  I don’t mind this song all that much but really have no desire to ever play or listen to it.


4 – The Lumineers – Ho Hey

I really really dig this song and love the rest of the album just as much.  It pains me to think that this song could end up in froshmen hell like the rest of the prior tracks on this list.


5 – The Proclaimers – (I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles

This is right up with the rest of the un-listenable, but the list just seemed so incomplete without it.  There’s really nothing to get into here….it’s just one of those jams that you hear walking down Tower Road this time of year. F

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