FNS: Covers Edition

Seeing as how Jeff has flown the coop for the weekend, he’s tasked me with taking over the reigns of the Friday Night Soundtrack this week.  He’s been pretty great at coming up with a theme for each week, so I’m going to try and go the same route, rather than hitting random and tossing up some lackluster list.   I’m going to be aiming to find some left of center covers that you might not expect… wish me luck!  Here goes nothing!

This is more a subdued effort – so it might be a great list to wind down your Friday with.   Happy Listening!

1. Ms Mr – “Do I Wanna Know?”

This is something of an unusual cover as the song is a recent release from the latest Arctic Monkeys album, covered by a relatively new band in Ms Mr.  It’s a great sultry version of the Monkeys’ track.

2. Queens of the Stone Age – “Blurred Lines”

The now infamous track covered by QOTSA is an interesting stripped down version of the song.  This version is significantly more interesting, but it’s also about 40% less catchy now tho.

3. Walk off the Earth – “Royals”

The track that is currently tearing up Radio Charts all over the world from the 15 year old Kiwi is covered by Walk Off the Earth.  It’s an interesting version of the track and it makes you wonder how long it took them to record this video

4. Vampire Weekend – “Blurred Lines”


Normally I wouldn’t include the same song twice, but the Vampire Weekend was a different take from QOTSA.  Interesting to see Ezra rap on this track.  There’s a certain Bootsy Collins flare contained here.

5. Justin Townes Earle – “Atlantic City”


Springsteen by way of Steve Earle’s progeny is pretty cool.  The heart and essence of the song is on full display here.  Great cover!

6. The Weeknd – “D.D.”

It’s rare when you can take a classic track and spin it into something compelling, but that’s what Abel Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd) did with Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” it’s similar yet different, ominous even.

7.  The Neighbourhood – “Say my Name /Cry Me a River”

Yup, this 5 piece from California opted to cover some Destiny’s Child and it sounds like you might expect it would, far more subdued and seductive than the originals. It’s an interesting take on these tunes, and a great tune to close out the post with.

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