Live Review & Photos: Hayden w/ special guest Lou Canon @ The Marquee Ballroom, Halifax

Last week, I was debating whether it was worth going to see Hayden, & Lou Canon. And now that it’s over, not only was the show worth it, but it was one of the more memorable shows that I’ll be talking about for awhile. Hayden definitely got it right for bringing Lou Canon with him on the tour, they both share this uniqueness that you won’t find from any other alt. rock/singer songwriters. In lay men’s terms, you really can’t compare their sound to anyone, which makes their music so appealing.

In advance of the show, I was researching a few songs by Lou Canon, in doing so, I discovered that she recorded the majority here in Halifax and with a full band no less. She performed on stage last night with just her keyboard for accompaniment. Her vocals were strong and smoothly calm, but she never let the stage overtake her performance and ensured her presence was felt. Her music is very playful, but kinda innocent in a way. I’m trying to hit the nail on the head here, by giving her a description of performance. But ummm… let’s just say she was very enjoyable. Her cover of The Cure’s “Close To Me” was excellent, I’m not gonna give away how the song was executed (she wasn’t even sure how that crowd would react), but I suggest that if you haven’t seen her play, go out and experience the show.

Lou Canon




I really enjoyed Hayden and his band. My ideal set was to see him play a few songs “Bad As It Seems”, “Hazards”, “Dynamite Walls”, and my favorite “Trees Lounge”, And you know what? He played them all! “Dynamite Walls” was especially great, as it built out into an awesome guitar/drum solo towards the end of the song (and night). That drummer has mad skills on the skins! Somehow, Hayden is able to marry a quiet intimate folk-y performance and a sweat inducing rock show. He is a very composed and some may say subdued artist, but he enthralls his fans, and why wouldn’t he, with his down to earth humor, and his soulful sound this is music that honestly comes from the heart, and is evident in his live performances.








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