Friday Night Soundtrack – June 14, 2013

Upon the initial announcement I was unsure on if I would embrace my inner 90’s and pick up a ticket, but after some disscusion with a few of the fellas it looks like I will find myself in the crowd for the Goo Goo Doll/Matchbox 20 concert on August 29th at the Halifax Metro Centre.

Although both of these bands spent loads of time in the top 40 between 1996 – 2000, you’d be hard pressed to find either anywhere near a hit list in 2013.  With massive hits like Slide, Name, 3 A.M., Realworld, both Matchbox and the Goos were able to build a large fan base which consisted of those both young and old.  Needless to say, this concert will be logged under the guilty pleasure category.

For this week the FNS will be made up of five songs I would really love to hear at this concert, but probably won’t.

1 – Long Way Down (Goo Goo Dolls, 1995)

This was the first Goo Goo Doll song I remember hearing and it wasn’t because I had purchased A Boy Named Goo (the album it was released on), but because I had purchased the Twister soundtrack.  A pretty sweet pop/punk kind of rock sound.  Great energy, great sound and super simple.  Two big thumbs up on this jam.

2 – Last Beautiful Girl (Matchbox 20, 2001)

A more mellow track, but definitely one of my favourite MB20 songs.  I really like how it speeds up and really really dig the chord progressions as it busts into the bridge, then tails back off into that slow kind of mellowness that is found throughout the rest of the song.

3 – Big Machine (Goo Goo Dolls, 2002)

Another big power/pop track.  There was a period where the Goos had pretty much nailed the formula on how to write a big catchy, power/pop/rock song.  Although I have a pretty massive musical library, I’m still a sucker for that pop sound.

4 – Downfall (Matchbox 20, 2004)

On their 2004 release, More Than You Think You Are, Matchbox experimented with some darker and heavier sounds.  Songs like Cold, Disease and Downfall still kept the Matchbox poppy feel but had a new layer of toughness added.  The breakdown with the choir in this tune is a very nice touch.

5 – Hang (Matchbox 20, 1996)

I’m sure this song must have been used at some point in a movie where the main character is driving down a long highway road, with a cigarette hanging from his mouth and the rain is pouring down on the windshield.  It’s just one of those tracks.  It’s a pretty depressing scene to picture but the song does a good job of brightening it up.


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