Concert Announcement: Sept. 10th/2013 – Rebecca Cohn – The Avett Brothers

While they may not be my cup of tea (honestly haven’t put the time in), I know a lot of people who absolutely love these guys and now don’t need to trek to Fredericton to see em this fall. I tripped over this listing while perusing Pollstar and verified the details on the Dal Arts website.  Tickets are on sale this coming Friday (the 28th of July) at the paltry price of $36.50.

Here’s a little Avett Bros. to whet your whistle and maybe entice you to score some seats to the show:

Live and Die

When I Drink

Head Full of Doubt / Road Full of Promise

The Once and Future Carpenter

(Ok after curating this list, I will probably be in attendance on Sept 10th – I just won’t be operating any heavy machinery while enjoying these tunes)



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