Rock n Roll Art Show May 11th, 2013

What better way to celebrate the one year anniversary of a very successful fundraiser, than to throw another one. This coming Saturday evening (May 11th), will bring together musicians and artists alike, with the single cause of raising money with the proceeds going towards cancer research.

Last year’s inaugural event allowed organizer/promoter, Ed Boulter, the opportunity to throw his hat into the ring and help raise awareness about the lack of education children receive in third world countries. With the musical help of The Carson Downey Band, John Campbelljohn and EB Anderson & The Resolutes (plus many others) the night was a beaming success and when it was all said and done, their goal was met and a school was built in honour of Ed and Lisa’s late son: Thackery.

But why stop there only to become a one hit wonder? Like any successful artist, Ed decided to take what he already had and shook it up. The result is an all female lineup for the Rock n Roll art show. Led by blues legend Theresa Malenfant, this year’s cast of musicians and artists is nothing short of spectacular. Katey Day, Lynnea Rose, Cyndi Cain and singer/guitarist Christine Campbell plan to tear the roof off of the Alderney Landing Theatre while local artists Richelle Williams and Diane Redden plan to have their work on display throughout the space.

All proceeds from the event go towards the Healing and Cancer Foundation and tickets can be purchased up until showtime through ticketpro. For any additional information head on over to the official Rock and Roll Art Show Facebook page.


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