One Track: “Had It Coming” – Matthew Good

There aren’t too many acts that can announce a show in town and almost instantly get my concert going cash, Matthew Good is one of those rare acts that will continue to impress time after time.  You walk away hearing the material, but not in the exact way it sounds on the album, but it’s better as new life has been breathed into the tunes.  His was one of the few albums I made the effort to actually buy from a brick and mortar record store when it was released, and will be again in September when Arrows of Desire is released.

However, all of that brings me to “Had It Coming” which is the latest single from Matthew Good. It is great to see he can keep churning out this exceptional material, and this track fits in perfectly to his catalogue as it sounds like everything that has come before it, but it a more rock based effort than we’ve come to know from his solo work.  The track itself clocks in at a mere 2m31s, which means it will be well worn by the time the album actually drops.

Here is the official video courtesy of You Tube and

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