Friday Night Soundtrack – May 31, 2013

Thanks to a trip to Toronto, I have recently been introduced to the reddit website.  In between the gif’s, meme’s and news stories, you can find, what are called AMA’s.  These AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) can be hosted by anyone who wishes to be bombarded with random questions ranging from what they do for a living to what is their favorite color of socks.  Although I’m not one to be awestruck by celebrity, it is interesting to read what goes on in the mind of an artist.

On May 29th, 2013, singer/songwriter John Fogerty took part in one of the better AMA’s I’ve come across.  He seemed to be truthful, very insightful and please to be partaking in this call and answer type form (I’ve attached the link here in case you want to take a few minutes to check it out).

In honor of John Fogerty making great music and being a super cool dude, this weeks edition of the FNS will highlight some of my favourite songs that Mr. Fogerty has written over the years.

1 – Lodi (Green River, 1969)

A down and out musician stuck in the middle of the town of Lodi, playing for next to nothing with the hopes of catching the next bus out of town.  How many musicians have lived this tale before….

2 – Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Pendulum, 1971)

Written during the dark times of CCR’s career, yet still has some brightness to it.  Fantastic track.

3 – Centerfield (Centerfield, 1985)

Hot summer days, cold beers, parties on the back deck, and freshly cut grass on the field….and let’s not forget about that intro lick.  Super memorable.

4 – Rock n Roll girls (Centerfield, 1985)

I’m an absolute sucker for a sweet horn section and/or solo.  The sax solo in this track might not be the most complicated but its the perfect fit to the song.

5 – Fortunate Son (Willy And The Poor Boys, 1969)

Another perfect song representing the time it was released.  Wars were being fought, while men and women in suits sat back and reaped the benefits.  Every now and then a song comes around and becomes a voice for a generation…this was one of those songs.

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