8 Tracks: The Workout Edition

Now that we finally have some good weather outside, here in Halifax. I’ve decided to come up with a 8-tracks playlist for you to enjoy while you walk, jog, roller blade, cut the grass or whatever you do outside in the sun. Most of these tunes are fairly new, and have a pretty good beat to them. It’s enough to keep you occupied, and help you workout for a half-hour.

1. Zemaria, “Past 2”

If skateboarding is your thing, try this tune out. It’s not exactly your stereotypical punk rock or hip-hop, but it does the trick. The Brazilian band, Zemaria also has a few other good tunes, that roam into the electronic genre including, “The Space Ahead”, & “Any Distance”.

2. Royal Teeth, “Wild”

I ended up finding this tune on a car commercial for the Buick Verano, the tune really stuck with me, but it wasn’t until a few days ago until I recovered the tune on youtube. Out of all the tunes I know, this one is pretty uplifting. If you need a little encouragement to go out for a run, this is definitely the tune to get you out there.

3. Young Empires, “Rain Of Gold”

This tune kind of has a jungle beat, world feel to it. But surprising this band is actually from Toronto. I think you’d find this tune fitting for one of the group-workouts at the gym. But, nonetheless, those gym indoor workouts can make their transition out into a grass field.

4. Youngblood Hawke, “We Come Running”

Ok, it’s a little cold to be out, on the water, especially singing in water. So kids, don’t take their advice, you’ll probably end up regretting it. But do listen to the song, and do watch this video. It has some pretty good underwater videography. And there’s sharks!!!

5. Astro, “Panda”

This is the official video running around youtube for the band’s release of this song. I don’t really care for the video, besides it’s just a bunch of shots of people’s behinds, which later in turn start wiggling and dancing. I don’t think this is the song that will get you to strip naked, and start dancing. I certainly hope not, for the well-being of your neighbors. But go ahead, get naked, and do your shaking inside.

6. Kitten, “G#”

If you’re into bands like The Naked And Famous, and Foster The Pizza, ahem… I mean, Foster The People, you’ll probably like this band. This video follows the trend of your average teenager, or even young 20 year old, hanging out, and being rebellious. That’s the kind of vibe I get from the band too. It’s a headstrong tune. So, if you decide not to workout, take all your energy, invest in an AK-47, and start shooting seagulls! Well, not literally. Figuratively maybe.

7. Miike Snow, Paddling Out


I think I recall seeing this tune on one of Trev’s list. I get a good kick out of watching the video, cept for the part that involves surgery. I can’t stand watch surgery! Ahhhhhhhh! But the video ends well with a meteor-like explosion. It leaves you saying WTF? It’s everything that does not have anything to do with working out, and everything to do with working out!

8. St. Lucia, “September”


After the last disturbing video, I leave you with this song to end your workout. And the question… what came first the girl or the egg?

Alright, that’s it for my 8-tracks. What do think of these tunes? I had about 40-something songs I wanted to post up, but I got them down to these 8! … Yeah!

Also, if you can find what all of these 8 songs have in common, besides being 8 great workout tunes (dun dun dun da!), leave your comment below.

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