8 Tracks: Hayden (Desser) 101 (Don’t Miss Out this Saturday)

This Saturday Hayden (Desser) finally makes his way back to the stage here in Halifax at the Marquee Ballroom.  When I heard this show was happening I snapped up my ticket immediately and in talking to people leading up to the show, not many are familiar with Hayden and/or his music, so I thought it might be a good idea to introduce you to one of my favorite Canadian singer songwriters.  (His show on Feb 9th, 2002 is one of my favorites at the Rebecca Cohen)

1. “Bad as they Seem” (from 1995’s Everything I Long For)

This was the big track off of Everything I Long For and (believe it or not) it got fairly extensive airplay on Muchmusic at the time. While this is a rather dour track, it’s still a fan favorite.


2. “Skates” (from 1995’s Everything I Long For)


This track is one that doesn’t often get played live, but it’s pretty special when it happens.   Please don’t operate heavy machinery when this is playing.


3. “In September” (also from 1995’s Everything I Long For)

This is about as exciting as Everything I Long For gets and it’s the second track in, but in person this is a great tune that bears its fangs pretty well.


4. “Dynamite Walls” (from 2005’s Skyscraper National Park)

Hayden lightens up a bit on this cut.


5. “Blurry Nights” w/ Lou Canon (who is the supporting act)


This is one of the gems off of Hayden’s latest album Us Alone


6. “Bass Song” (from 2005’s Skyscraper National Park)

This is a personal favorite which I hope Hayden breaks out on Saturday.


7. “Hollywood Ending” (from 2004’s Elk Lake Serenade)

Another track that shows that Hayden can do more than the dour, contemplative material many know him for.


8. “Rainy Saturday” (from 2013’s Us Alone)

Seeing this video makes me extremely excited for Saturday’s show, it’s a more upbeat Hayden Desser vs. Hayden circa 1995.

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