Friday Night Soundtrack – April 5th, 2013

I’ve been really digging deep into the music library these past few days and came a cross some good ol’ Canadian boys…..Glass Tiger. For all you young folk out there, Glass Tiger were a pretty big deal for a five-year period, back in the late 80’s (hopefully someone out there, reading this needed that explanation). For those of you who didn’t need the explanation, hopefully this list can bring you back to some younger years, when the brew flowed like water, and a care wasn’t needed.

1 – Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone

If you were going to recognize a Glass Tiger song, this would be the one. Great pop/rock song writing going on with this track. Nice verses that gradually rise to a super catchy chorus….and the live video proves that they could pull it off in real-time.

2 – Diamond Sun

This song automatically gets added to the list due to the ohhh ohhh ohhh’s. I sure do love me some ohhh’s in songs.

3 – I’m Still Searching

In keeping with the nice friendly verse rolling right into a big catchy chorus, this song was a bit hit for the band back in 1987, reaching #2 on the Canadian billboard. Also, is that Alan Frew or the lead singer from Def Leppard?

4 – My Song

Great recognizable intro and a super awesome Irish feel to it. At this point in the piece, I think it’s safe to say that Alan Frew had perfected the writing of a chorus.

5 – Animal Heart

Maybe these guys were really Def Leppard in disguise. Every once in a blue moon, they’d throw on different wigs and outfits, jump across the boarder, play some gigs to 500 people in a dingy little bar in middle Ontario and bust back to the USA right after the show… I reaching to far on this one?


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