Friday Night Soundtrack – April 26th, 2013

In honor of our venue countdown this weeks edition of the FNS will feature some pretty cool performances, taken live from The Marquee over the years.  Thanks to the world of technology and cell phones, the ability to capture a live performance is pretty slick (but also kind of shaky).  

1 – Matt Mays – City Of Lakes (Jan. 24, 2009)

I’m a huge Matt Mays fan.  Arguably one of the best, pure, rock n roll men around.  I’ve had the chance to see him a few times now, and have never, ever been disappointed.

2 – Bloc Party – This Modern Love (Sept. 14th, 2008)

Stick me on an island with only five albums and there is no doubt that Silent Alarm, by Bloc Party is in that collection.  This show blew my mind more than any other show I’ve had the chance to see.  From start to finish Bloc Party put on a show that would not be soon forgotten.

3 – The Jimmy Swift Band – When Worlds Collide (2008)

There were Dead Heads and Phish Heads, but up here on the East Coast we had Swift Heads.  I have no idea how many JSB shows I saw over the years but I can honestly say that I’ll never see another band as much as I saw them.  Groovy, funky, electronic dance music at it’s finest.

4 – Joel Plaskett – Nowhere With You (March 29, 2008)

This isn’t the full entire song, but I loved how he turned it right around from the original version.  Plaskett has garnered a lot of attention throughout Canada and Australia; I can only hope that he breaks through the US market to lather our American friends with his fantastic song writing talent.

5 – Sloan – Everything You’ve Done Wrong (Aug. 4, 2007)

So maybe I’ve already had this song on one of my past lists, but it’s a pretty cool jam and how neat is it to see how far we’ve come with hand held video recording.  This video was taken only 6 yrs ago.  WOW.

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