Friday Night Soundtrack – March 22, 2013

It’s that time of year again. Winter is starting to come to a close, the birds are chirping, daylight doesn’t vanish at 4:30pm each and every day, and March Madness is upon us (March Madness is the 3 week basketball tournament in the United States). There was a time where I’d take a couple of vacation days, just to sit at home and watch the opening round. Unfortunately this is something I am unable to do anymore due to wanting those vacation days for some hot weather during the summer season (it also helps that I can stream the games on my work comp). Anyone who watches this basketball tournament will tell you that part of its beauty, is the fact that upsets happen all of the time. On any given day, complete randomness can rear it’s ugly head (just ask Kansas).

So with that in mind, this weeks FNS shall be dedicated, not to March Madness, but to the randomness that comes along with it. The following five songs have been chosen by me, in no particular way. It was completely random.


1 – Outkast (feat. Killer Mike) – The Whole World

Every now and then I get a hankering for some Outkast and this is definitely a go to. Great beat and flow. I may not be a big rap fan, but I could definitely come up with a fan friendly list, which include this track.

2 – Paul Simon – Call Me Al

When all is said and done, Paul Simon is going to be known as one of the greatest song writers to ever grace this planet. Hold up…..he already is! This song, for as fun and catchy as it is, will not be regarded as one of his most poetic, but it’s got a fantastic horn section and who doesn’t love a little Chevy Chase every now and then.

3 – Pnau – Embrace

I had no idea who these guys were until my buddy, Dave MacVicar, threw them my way roughly five years ago. Since that time, they’ve found a nice home in my music collection. This is one of those songs that you just need to crank up, pump the bass, sit back and let your head go.

4 – Andrew W.K. – Party Hard

Go ahead and try not enjoy yourself for the next three minutes….theres no way you don’t like this song (even somewhere deep inside you know you do).

5 – Ben Folds Five – Steven’s Last Night In Town

I have an odd relationship with Ben Folds brand of geek rock. Some of songs, for me, absolutely hit it out of the park. The way he moves from major to minor keys is something a lot of artists won’t even tackle and then every now and then an epic dud comes out of nowhere. However, this track is definitely one of my most played by Ben Folds Five. Another great use of a horn section.

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