Friday Night Soundtrack – February 1st, 2013

So due to some mental technical problems (me forgetting to auto-publish this one)

I really wanted to pump out a compilation piece this week, but I’ve been so engulfed by the following artist, it only seemed right that I dedicated this weeks FNS to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia’s very own, Matt Mays. Usually I find myself attached to one album at a time, but in this case all three (Matt Mays & El Torpedo, Terminal Romance and Coyote) have been on a constant repeat.

What Mays has to offer is a true rock and roll vibe which just oozes out of every inch of his being. His music and lyrics are filled with an old school, Californian rock feel, while his attitude and image is everything you would hope for, and expect, out of a true rock and roller. In my opinion, Matt Mays is not only one of the better rock experiences to come out of the East Coast, but also our fine country.

Keep in mind that the following five songs do not represent the best of, or the top selling. Hopefully you’ll be able to throw this small playlist on some random evening and enjoy how much ass they truly kick.

1 – Tall Trees

This is a perfect example of some good ol’ fashion rock to tickle your ears. A wonderfully written song, which starts off with one of the more infectious guitar riffs I’ve heard.

2 – Travellin’

Picture yourself driving through the Vegas desert in a 1970, black Mustang convertible with no place to be, nothing holding you back from enjoying the long road ahead, and the cool summer breeze blowing through. This is the song to throw on. It’s got a fantastic, laid back groove which is absolutely infectious.

3 – Queen of Portland Street

Taken from his new album, Coyote. This is another example of how easy it is for Mays to throw down a track which is filled with an absolute chilled vibe.

4 – City Of Lakes

When all else fails theres always home to fall back to, and no matter what happens you’ll always be comfortable there.

5 – On The Hood

My take on this… your thing, don’t sell out and you’ll be good. Love this track.


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