Friday Night Soundtrack – February 15th, 2013

I’ve been in a massive music funk as of late. I haven’t been listening to anything that I find remotely interesting or catchy. I find myself going back to the same old albums that I’ve been listening to for the past six months. One on hand it’s good because obviously I enjoy those albums, but on the other hand they are beginning to grow old on me. This first month and a half of 2013 has been lackluster at best but like all good music hoarders all I need to do is dip into the archives and dig something out. It was during this process that I’ve re-discovered my love for Halifax’s very own Sloan.

1 – Losing California

Love the chord progression over the verses, love the intro drum beat and who doesn’t love some guitar harmony during a solo.

2 – Everything You’ve Done Wrong

My first introduction to Sloan was this track and I have to say this is the one that makes me feel old. I can still remember sitting in a high school coffee house while friends of mine whipped this one out. It was a big hit at the time, and proof that Sloan had the ability to write a pretty decent pop song.

3 – She Says What She Means

That intro riff is so simple it’s awesome. This song is rock n roll.

4 – Iggy And Angus

And here you thought this list would be comprised of all #1 hits. A great song taken from a great album. A great example of the overdriven pop/rock that Sloan was able to pump out again and again.

5 – Money City Mainiacs

Another fantastic intro that everyone recognizes. A simple four chord progression over one constant bass note and a super fun song to cover for all y’all bands out there.

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