A New 30 Day Facebook Song Challenge :: Day 28 :: Song You Think Everyone Should Listen To

When It was Now

This is a category that fluctuates on an almost hourly basis, my appetite for music is fairly voracious, so I devour songs and try to get everyone I know to check out the good stuff. I generally put up a collection of 8 Tracks when the mood strikes, but as Jeff pointed out, we did establish a rule of using a single track, as it’s quite easy to put together a list of 5 or 6, but the selecting of just one is where the challenge is. So what do I think you should be listening to at the moment? That’s a pretty good question, I’ve been going back into my collection and listening to the soundtrack to the Bob Marley documentary Marley and been loving on the Blind Melon albums. I think for me the song I currently think everyone should be listening to has to be “Symptoms” by Atlas Genius in preparation for the release of their debut album When It Was Now. “Symptoms” is just one of those sweet, alt-pop/rock tunes that gets lodged in your head and begs to be listened to, it’s a great follow-up to their debut single “Trojans”.

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