30 Day Facebook Song Challenge (Justin’s) :: Day 28 :: Song You Think Everyone Should Listen To

I’m just gonna cut to the chase, and say Arcade Fire, “Wake Up”. There’s a few reasons why, and this song might not be the most accessible song in their library at first. I mean, when I bought their album, “Funeral” a while back I usually just skipped this song, cause I thought the song was a little corny. It wasn’t until I saw them in concert a few years back at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth, that the performance that they put out, and the crowd reaction that I can honestly say gave me goose bumps, that I really fell in love with this song.

Now, the reason why I think this song is the one everyone should listen to, is that it’s a pretty powerful song, and there’s alot to be heard when listening to the lyrics. The songs to me talks about the troubles of growing up, which relates to my personal relationship of growing up. As kids, well some of us, we grow up in a world that seems quite magically, and to finally grow up and realize that the world isn’t so shiny, and can be harsh at times. Maybe a bit of a disappointment. But the song ends in a high note, and that the main morale of the story, is that the world is whatever you can make of it. Kinda promoting the idea, that you can live in a world of magic, and nevermind everyone who thinks otherwise.

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