30 Day Facebook Challenge (Jeff Edition) – Day 29 – Artist You Wish Were Still Alive

There are so many artists who have passed away all to soon, but the one that I would like to get back would be John Lennon.

I would like to say that by no means am one of those massive Beatle fans, nor was I a big fan of the solo work that came from the four members after they had broke up, but I do give props where props are due and this foursome left a fingerprint on the music scene to never be erased.

What might come across as odd, is the fact that out of the four solo careers, Lennon’s was my least favourite. I didn’t dig it musically and I absolutely despised everything that Yoko Ono put her hands on (musically of course). What I do find intriguing is the presence which Lennon had over an entire nation. Much like Martin Luther King, he was a voice for the people. They loved him, respected him and because of this would sit and listen. He didn’t present himself as a saviour but his ideas and his ability to challenge how people thought, were both intriguing and refreshing.

It would have been neat to see what he could have accomplished had he not been killed. Would he have led a revolution against the people in charge, or would he eventually tire of the pedestrian life and end up becoming one of those people making the decisions? Or maybe he would grow tired of everything except making music and would call up the old crew and get the Beatles back together.

It’s something that we will, unfortunately never know, but at the same time is neat to think about.

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