Friday Night Soundtrack – January 18th, 2013

Just when I thought 2013 was going to be a slow year (other than my wedding), I receive a message from a friend of mine, suggesting that I make a trip to the city of Toronto. After taking some time to throw around the idea, I decided that it would be a great opportunity to explore another city which I have never experienced. I’ve gone on a few trips over the past year and a half and have to admit the travel bug has me hard, but the icing on this cake was the idea of being able to see Muse once again.

I was able to catch Muse in Quebec City back in 2010, while they were touring The Resistance. Needless to say I was completely blown away, by not only the visual aspect of the show, but also the fantastic audio quality that this band was able to produce live. Now that I’ve had much more time to digest what Muse is all about, I’m uber stoked for the second time around.

So with that being said, this week the FNS is brought to you by the letters M-U-S-E. Hopefully you dig these songs as much as I do.

1 – Stockholm Syndrome

I was first introduced to this track by a good friend of mine Dave MacVicar. Prior to hearing this track, all that I was familiar with was what the radio played (this song was a single back in the day, but never made the airwaves here in Nova Scotia). The verses in this song are full of a rock sound/attitude which eludes most bands in todays music scene. The roll over into the chorus, which is floating and airy in a very rock way, is a fantastic change, which only makes the reemergence of another verse that much better.

2 – Plug In Baby

Without a doubt this is my favourite Muse song. The opening riff (which has been voted by some as the most notable riff of the past decade) kills me every time and the massive chorus blows me away. This is one of those songs that I’m always up for.

3 – Follow Me

Taken from their latest album, The 2nd Law, this song does a brilliant job of starting low and gradually building until it finally comes to a head at the chorus. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a nice, big, booming chorus.

4 – Knights of Cydonia

This is the one song that I would need to hear live at every Muse show. It’s an absolute force of nature. Put on a set of headphones, throw that song on, and tell me it doesn’t blow you away.

5 – Map of Your Head

A beautifully written song showcasing the diversity which Muse can bring to the table. This is one of those songs that can lull you into a complete state of relaxation. The rawness which Bellamy sings with on this song is a highlight, but the true star of the track is the guitar riff, which rings throughout the entire piece.

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