Friday Night Soundtrack – January 11th, 2013

Apologies need to be made for not posting something as simple as a 5 song playlist last week, but I was hammered with a sickness that completely kicked my butt, and I didn’t even want to look at a computer screen, let alone remember that I needed to look at one. With that being said…..onto the list.

The first FNS post of 2013 goes out to arguably my favourite musician of all time, and the one I can really remember being brought up on, Billy Joel. This list might not be what you expect. You won’t find “Piano Man”, or “TheEntertainer” here. His music catalogue is much to expansive to be restricted to the greatest hits compilation.

Remember that this list is not the best of, or the most popular, but hopefully it’s something you could throw on during a Friday night social and enjoy the tunes coming out of the speakers. With that being said, on with the Billy Joel Friday Night Soundtrack.

1 – Christie Lee

Taken from my favourite Billy Joel album, An Innocent Man. This song was an odd to his wife at the time, the beautiful Christie Lee. I have to admit that this song kills me every time I hear it. Love the piano and can’t get enough of the sax. Could be my favourite Billy Joel track.

2 – Miami 2017 (The Lights Go Out On Broadway)

A fantastic, futuristic, tale of a destroyed New York City. It’s great how the intro and ending sandwhich a rocking middle part. The Oreo cookie of his collection.

3 – Sleeping With The Television On

Taken from Glass Houses, this song has always been on my Billy Joel playlist. Even though it’s just a basic tune about a man and a woman, it’s never far away when I’m in the mood for Mr. Joel.

4 – Easy Money

The second track to appear from An Innocent Man. This song resonate’s with everyone. Who doesn’t want good times, a good life and easy money?

5 – Only The Good Die Young

I know, I know, I know….I was going to make a list which didn’t include his big hits, but how could I leave this song out. It’s to much of a classic to be omitted, and how about those acting skills the band has in the video. Brilliant!


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