A New 30 Day Facebook Song Challenge :: Day 21 :: A Song You Like by an Artist You Don’t Like

Say what you will about the latest Star fucker to grace our airwaves, but her increasingly catchy break up tunes keep lodging themselves in your ears. In a disposable genre such as hers, it’s only right that she’s adopted that disposable mindset in her personal life. Taylor Swift may have never been intended for my demographic as she was something of the saccharine-y sweet alternative to the sexed-up pop tarts Brittney, Katy and Christina, but “We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together” is a tune that even despite my feeling towards Taylor Swift, I find myself singing along with (even without the toddler in the backseat). So while I could care less about her serial dater status, or the majority of her discography, this tune is certainly a guilty pleasure that I sorta enjoy.

By the way, feel free to judge away on this one, I already judge myself pretty harshly.

See for yourself:

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