8 Tracks: The Return w/ Recommendations

I was shocked to see that my last 8 Track post was way back in November, so much like any good 8-Track, let’s dust it off shall we?

Without fail, every January is a period of recovery as there’s not much new material hitting the shelves, so the music critics out there have a bit of a reprieve after delivered their year end lists. I always feel a bit drained and uninspired, but I’ve started to get back into the swing of things and these are some of the songs that are helping me to get back on track:

1. “Breezeblocks” – Alt-J ::

This is a track that I came across thanks to the great iPhone app Songza. It’s a tune that’s part Santigold, part Sneaker Pimps, part White Lies, it transcends any one genre and the end result is a moody alt-rock track.

2. “Roll The Bones” – Shakey Graves ::

I was introduced to Shakey Graves this week by Jeff, Graves’ “Roll the Bones” is this simple Springsteenish guy and guitar tune with a really raw stripped down vocal. Give it a listen, it’s well worth your time.

3. “Paddling Out” – Miike Snow ::


Very cool alt-pop rock track that really caught my ear when The Spectrum started playing it.

4. “From Here on Out” – The Killers ::

In revisiting Battle Born , this slice of 80’s era pop-rock got itself lodged in my head a couple days after listening. Can’t get enough of this track.

5. “You Burn First” – Alexisonfire ::

This is a haunting version of the taut track from Crisis re imagined as something of an even more spacious acoustic track with Dallas and Wade doing the honors here. Great version of a great song, will be sorry to see AOF go.

6. “Symptoms” – Atlas Genius ::

Their full-length LP drops in mid February and is one of my most anticipated discs of 2013, if it’s anything like “Symptoms” it is sure to catch a lot of people’s attention. Highly recommended.

7. “Closer” – Tegan & Sara ::

This is what a lot of modern pop music aspires to be, this track straddles that divide between modern and retro and couldn’t be catchier. It’s nice to see T&S to return to their roots of making catchy pop tunes.

8. “Global Concepts” – Robert DeLong ::

This is a song that will grab your attention for it’s use of unexpected expletives, but is equally catchy as it is shocking.


Well there it is, 8 Tracks that I’ve been Digging lately, and that have helped shake off the dreaded Vacation Brain. Until time time, happy listening!


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