— ALERT — :: New Weekly Post Coming

Have you ever had a an idea in your mind that you couldn’t get rid of? I know that I’ve had one for the last 6 years that I just can’t shake. It all started with my love for radio/podcasting and eventually landed where we sit today. The one constant has been the name, which for some reason I’ve never wanted to change. Beginning this Friday, December 14th, 2012 I’m going to start a weekly post titled “The Friday Night Soundtrack”.

The idea, as it stands right now, is that each Friday evening the post will be a list of 5 tracks, that you might throw on while sitting around having a few drinks. It will also be themed driven, so you won’t find random songs mashed together just for the sake of getting a post up there. One week you might find a Beatles list, the next could be the top 5 Disco songs from 1971. That’s the beauty of it…some people will love it and some will hate it, but hopefully it will provide an opportunity for people to discover music they might not have heard of before.


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Jeff is one-fourth of the group that makes up HAFILAX. His usual ramblings can be read right here on the website. If reading isn't your thing, he also hosts the Basement Tapes podcast.