A New 30 Day Facebook Song Challenge :: Day 9 – Trev :: Song By Your Favourite Band / Artist

This one could take awhile folks, as I have a few staple bands/acts that have to be on my iPhone at all times. I always need to have some Neil Young, Black Crowes, Matthew Good, Blind Melon, Radiohead and Dave Matthews Band, those are the staple acts and I build from there. So the trick here is who do I choose? I could rationalize each and every one, but I think Matthew Good is going to be the one who I select as my “favourite” band at this juncture.

My song of choice is “While We Were Hunting Rabbits”, which is something of a deep cut off of Avalanche. Fans of Good’s will be familiar, but those not in the know should definitely check it out. It’s typically a staple of his live shows and it hits home each and every time. Here’s a clip of his performing it live earlier this year:

and the studio version


Ask me this question tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll either have a different song by Mr. Good (he has so many), or I’ll name one of the aforementioned bands. Either way, this is a question that is subject to change depending on my mood.

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