A New 30 Day Facebook Song Challenge :: Day 18 :: Favorite Song With a Number In the Title

There are a few bands/artists I’ve been willing to fork out the cash to see multiple times: The Tragically Hip, Matthew Good, Blue Rodeo are the three at the top of the list that I’ve seen over 5 times each (and the number is probably closer to 10 for each), but this isn’t about the number of times I’ve seen a band, but my favorite song with a number in the title. I also went with the reactionary response of #34 or #41 by Dave Matthews Band. Both would be a great choice, as I do love both songs a great deal (#41 is a road trip staple), but in sifting through my music library, I realized one of my favorite slices of Canadiana would be the perfect fit. The song I’m talking about is “5 Days in May” by Blue Rodeo. The song is a great summer classic tune, that is a great soundtrack for those warm evenings in the Adirondack chair while you enjoy a cold beer, it’s a mellow song that just wafts on by. It’s a great tune to toss on when it’s -20 Celsius outside, as “5 Days in May” will transport you back to those warmer lazier days, enjoy!



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