A New 30 Day Facebook Song Challenge :: Day 10 :: Band You Wish Were Still Together

A lot of people will assume I’d name Nirvana in the band I wish were still together, and I did think of Pink Floyd, but while talented and a staple in my music collection, they never had that long lasting impact on me. The band that did have leave an indelible mark on me from the moment I saw this band of hippies frolicking in the mud singing their debut single “I Wonder” was Blind Melon. Sure I’d love to see The Beatles, or Zeppelin, but again, the resonance isn’t at the same level that Blind Melon was. They broke at a time when grunge was in full swing, and their sound was closer to that of a southern rock band by way of Seattle. Hoon’s vocal stylings were distinctly unique, as the band’s eponymous debut was a hit (thanks in part to the Bee Girl and her overplayed single “No Rain”).

Looking back and listening to “Tones of Home” from that debut, it’s clear to see how I managed to find myself listening to Dispatch, Dave Matthews Band and the Black Crowes, Blind Melon built me a bridge from the heavier music, to a more mellow laidback southern rock vibe. If I had an opportunity to see the original line-up for one night only, I’d have been all over that. Unfortunately, in 1995 Hoon OD’d on the band’s tour bus, and that dream was gone.

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