30 Day Facebook Challenge (Jeff Edition) – Day 17 – Song From Your Favourite Album

So many fantastic albums with so many great songs. To keep it legit, I’ve eliminated compilations, soundtracks and greatest hits albums. After cutting my album list down to three, I would have to say the one album that will always be a staple for me is Achtung Baby, by U2.

Embracing a totally different feel and look from the previous album, Achtung would blow the doors off of the early 90’s and would help the process of U2’s ascension to rock stardom. It produce the massive hits, Mysterious Ways, One, and Even Better Than The Real Thing, but my favourite song has to be The Fly. Who knew that singing about the end of the world could be so catchy. With a simple guitar lick, and the always consistent rhythm section, The Fly is a perfect example of how a band can create a fantastic piece of music while still keeping it simple.

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