30 Day Facebook Challenge (Jeff Edition) – Day 16 – Song That Describes You

This one seems pretty obvious…..the first one that popped into my head was Sexy And I Know It, but that might be coming off a little arrogant, then I thought maybe Freaking At The Freakers Ball, but that could be difficult to explain to my fiance. No, I think the song that best describes me would be Here For A Good Time, Not A Long Time, by Trooper. The title of the song explains it all for me. Let’s kick back, grab a couple of guitars, pour a few drinks and say cheers to the evening. We might as well make the best of our time while we’re here.

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Jeff is one-fourth of the group that makes up HAFILAX. His usual ramblings can be read right here on the website. If reading isn't your thing, he also hosts the Basement Tapes podcast.