30 Day Facebook Challenge (Jeff Edition) – Day 12 – Song That Needs To Be Played LOUD

If I could jump forward 30 years from now, I’m pretty sure that 60 year old me would hate the current version of myself, for the simple fact that I listen to all of my music loud. This is nothing new, I’ve been this way for years. It’s the big reason why I love my headphones so much.

I had the pleasure of playing in a band, over the course of a 4 year period, and I’m sure my hearing has never recovered from that. We would play at volumes which most would consider ludicrous.

With that being said, I don’t feel as if I can pinpoint one particular song which needs to be played loud, but maybe more of a genre. For me, that would be anything with a rocking beat. The past five years, my love for a good ol’ four on the floor beat has exploded. I simply cannot get enough. The following is taken from my iPod playlist, which is designed exactly for this topic.

What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club, You Used To Hold Me – Calvin Harris, All My Friends – LCD Soundsystem, Midnight City – M83, Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap


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