Top 5 NY Songs

So it appears that I did not set the auto-upload properly the past few days, thus resulting in another top 5 list to close out my favourite songs about New York City.

#5 – The Avett Brothers – I and Love and You

People won’t be breaking out into full on rave parties when this song comes across the speakers, but anyone looking for a beautiful, sombre song about leaving and departure will be very pleased. I’m not sure if The Avetts are referring to Brooklyn as the borough located in NY or if they use the name for a woman but either way I love this song, and because of the reference it gets a spot in my top five.

#4 – Billy Joel – Miami 2017

A fictional scenario in which NY is more or less wiped off of the map and everyone now lives in the state of Florida. An event I would never want to see, but a fantastically powerful anthem from the Piano Man himself. Hitting all of the proper highs and lows, Billy Joel will always be a New Yorker at heart and his songs are there for the world to hear about it.

#3 – Lou Reed – Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Hookers, drugs, transvestites are just a few of the topics Lou discusses on this track. Although somewhat controversial at the time, Take A Walk would be considered PG 13 by todays standards. It’s not the content that really gets me, it’s in how it’s presented. Not one to be known for singing, Lou presents this song in such a cool way that even the Fonz would be jealous. Purely perfect.

#2 – Simon and Garfunkel – The 59th Street Bridge Song

I can’t say for sure that Simon n Garfunkel weren’t experimenting with mind altering drugs at the time, but this does sound like a couple of stoned guys happily walking around NYC enjoying life. If this song doesn’t put you in a good mood, I don’t know what will.

#1 – Ryan Adams – New York, New York

Known more for his alt country roots, Adams dipped into a more acoustic rock sound on the single which would garner him a Grammy nomination. Both catchy and upbeat, New York New York provides the back drop to an upbeat love story for Adams and a specific female in his life. It might not have worked out for her, but this song propelled Adams to the forefront.

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