Steady Hills CD Release @ The Seahorse – Nov 3rd, 2012

HAFILAX hit the town this past Saturday Night to take in the release of Steady Hills’ EP Alone in the Marquee. In speaking with front man Chad Harrington before the show, he explained that the intent was to record their album in The Marquee with their own equipment. During the process of loading in the equipment and gear necessary to set to work, the decision was made to record the album live off of the floor, which gives a great ethereal feel with the echo provided from the empty space. The album itself is rather haunting thanks in part to the recording process and Harrington’s vocals which at times bear striking resemblance to the UK’s White Lies. The two piece setup of Guitar and Drums might draw comparison to The Black Keys, which isn’t entirely untrue. The way in which the album was recorded translates perfectly to the stage as songs such as “Today”, “Dark Room” and “Live Like Kings” sound as good, if not better performed on stage. All in all, the crowd was very receptive to Alone in the Marquee, and I’d recommend checking out Steady Hills should you have the chance. (

We would be amiss if we didn’t mention the alluring opening act of Jenny MacDonald, a bluesy singer songwriter who was a pleasant surprise. Her singer/songwriter fare may have been a bit ill suited for the opening slot here simply due to the stylistic clash of the two acts. Ms. MacDonald has a great bluesy lilt to her voice, and I’d be curious to see what she could do with edgier fare. I’d certainly be interested to hear more of her work. You can check her out at


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