Top 5 Debut Albums of the Past 25 Years

Arcade Fire – Funeral

What happens when you mash a little rock, in with some good old Canadian influenced indie music and top it all off with a flare for the outlandish? Arguably one of the greatest albums to ever come out of Canada. Funeral was the perfect jumping point for Arcade Fire. Spawning a slew of hits, Arcade Fire won over fans and critics alike with their simple yet beautiful music, which soared like none at its time. (singles – Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels), Neighborhood #2 (Laika), Neighborhood #3 (Power Out), Rebellion (Lies), Wake Up)

Weezer – Blue Album

The year was 1994 and nerds everywhere were in hiding (I know because I was one). Spending hours secretly wishing and hoping for some sort of powerful force to rise up and become a voice for the masses. With one giant swoop, Weezer would do just that. Nerds, geeks, rockers, rappers and everyone else suddenly had a reason to celebrate together. Blasting out of the gate with “Buddy Holly”, Weezer were able to fuse together a fantastic blend of pop, punk, and indie all into one. Weezer would come out with more albums over the years, but none of those would find the magic found on The Blue Album. After 22 years, this album still holds up greatly. (singles – Undone – The Sweater Song, Buddy Holly, Say It Ain’t So)

Guns n Roses – Appitite for destruction

Sex, drugs and rock n roll was what defined the hard rockers of the 80’s and 90’s and Guns n Roses were no exception to the rule. Appetite For Destruction was an album made up of equal parts, talent, sex, and rock. With Axl’s whaling voice, and Slash’s ability to turn a guitar into a band on it’s own, Guns n Roses freshman effort was, and still is a rock album every rocker should be jealous of. (singles – Sweet Child O’ Mine, Welcome to the Jungle, Nightrain, Paradise City)

Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

Starting off with a bang, and continuing on for 13 tracks, Whatever People Say I Am, is a brilliant collection of rock music, created by a group of teenagers. Yup….teenagers. One of the best British albums to come out in recent memory was created by 4 chaps who couldn’t have a pint of guinness legally. The infectious grooves, and rocky riffs allowed this Brit pop-punk band to establish themselves as a worldwide sensation. (singles – I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor, When the Sun Goes Down)

Eminem – Slim Shady LP *

Coming straight out of Detroit, Eminem burst onto the rap scene with a massive amount of hype, talent, and controversy. Introducing himself to the world with My Name Is, Eminem wouldn’t hold back while attacking everyone who stood in his way. Eminems smooth, fast paced lyrics, backed by Dr. Dre’s light, yet thunderous beats, were a combination not to be topped, and would eventually lead to a Grammy for Rap Album of The Year. (singles – My Name Is, Role Model, Guilty Conscience)

*The Slim Shady LP could be regarded as Eminems second album, but Infinite was so painful and not a major label release I decided to go with this one.

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