Flipside Reviews – Side A :: The Killers – Battle Born

The fourth album from The Killers, once again shows off a versatility that most bands only hope to find through out their careers. Hot Fuss was a group of confident, arrogant 20 year olds coming at you with a vegas themed, dance filled, new wave sound dipping into popular 80’s acts like Morrissey, The Cure and Duran Duran. Sams Town allowed the band to grow and expand their sound into a more American rock feel, ala Springsteen and Petty. Day and Age took a step in another direction, allowing the band to morph that American sound to be more along the lines of what The Killers sound is truly like. On Battle Born, The Killers have come out with a more mature, steady sound. Although you won’t find a stadium filled anthem like When You Were Young and Somebody Told Me, the albums first single, Runaways, comes close to fulfilling those large ambitions. Aside from that, there isn’t a clear cut single to be found on the album, but don’t let that fool you. From Here On Out, sounds like an amalgamation of the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, while Miss Atomic Bomb is sprinkled with dribs and drabs of U2.

In this day and age, maybe it’s a good thing that we aren’t saddled with an album filled with hit singles. Maybe this is exactly what we need; a very solid album from a band who has finally figured out who they are. The top is down and it’s time for the boys to come home….back to Vegas.

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