30 Day Facebook Song Challenge :: Day 22 :: A Song That You Listen To When You’re Sad

Last time that I can say I was truly SAD! was many years ago now, but there are two songs that stick out like a pair of sore thumb, as they got stuck on repeat foralittle bit as I indulged in my pity party. They’re both off of Coldplay’s Rush ofBloodtothe Head album, “Warning Signs” and “The Scientists” are both perfect songs to mope to. They’re both beautifully crafted, while being rather morose and bleak and make for an excellently sad soundtrack. If you’re feeling down, these songs hang just shy of an albatross around your neck. They work to wrestle you to the ground, and once there, the songs just repeatedly kick you in the emotions with their relentless emotional ground and pound. If you’ve having a Grumpy Bear sort of day, these should be at the start of your soundtrack.

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