30 Day Facebook Song Challenge :: Day 21 :: A Song You Listen to When You’re Happy

When I saw Day 21’s Challenge, I initially thought it would be a breeze, but in thinking about what I listen to when I’m happy, it’s a much harder decision. My first inclination was to putdownOAR’s “Crazy Game of Poker” as it’s energy makes itanearlyfavorite, but it seems almost too easy. I also love blasting “Then She Said My Name” by the Black Crowes, which has a great driving vibe and it’s a tune that we played in Cuba after my wife and I got married, and most Neil Young material gets played when I’m having a great day (especially “Down by the River” and “Cowgirl in the Sand”) . There’s so much music that I love blaring when I’m happy, but those are some that comes to mind. Oh! One that needs honorable mention is Dispatch’s “The General” that is also an album that makes a good day, great (not to mention it’s a fun tune to howl along to in the car). Those are some of the tunes I turn to when I’m having a great day.

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