30 Day Facebook Song Challenge :: Day 16 :: A Song That You Used to Love but Now Hate :: “Let’s Get Retarded/Started” — The Black Eyed Peas

This is a song that isn’t politically correct by any means, but it was a pop track that had an edge. An edge that was usually so filed down by the time an album dropped, it was safe for thesoccermom crowd. Needless to say, but it was refreshing to seeWil.I.Amandcompany show a some balls. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be, as the PC Police (no not Galen’s enforcers) got involved and forced the Black Eyed Peas to drop “Let’s Get It Started”. Every time it hits the airwaves in its censored/commerical form I leap to change the station, I know what the song used to be and have no interest in hearing the watered-down version. Not to mention it is a track that was played to death, but I have more contempt for the censorship than the incessant playtime it got after the changes.(Yes I realize I took a break there in the middle, but I’m back now to push through to day 30. I do hope you’re enjoying the ride. 🙂 ) 

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