30 Day Facebook Song Challenge :: Day 11 :: A Song From Your Favorite Band :: “Load Me Up” – Matthew Good Band

Who knew a song from your favorite band would be one of the more difficult questions thus far? Some would assume this would be an easy question, “Go ahead Trevor, name one of your favorite tracks by The Hip” but that’s not the case. Don’t get me wrong,I’mafan (Hell, I’ve seen them live 10 times), but I don’t think they qualify as my favorite bandanylonger.

Now it comes down to, who is my favorite band? That is the more important question here, I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of concerts during my time, and reviewed many more albums than that, so my favorite band list changes every so often. It used to be quite easy to hand the title to The Tragically Hip, but Dave Matthews Band, Nirvana, The Black Crowes and Radiohead would all have cases to be made as to why they should ascend to the top of the list.As I started writing this all out, it wasn’t a cut and dry decision but I think as I put this all down, it became increasingly clear. The catch here is that this 30 day Challenge doesn’t differentiate between Bands and Artists, so my choice is actually a little of both Column A and Column B. It’s a pretty safe bet to call Matthew Good my favorite band/artist, as he’s someone who writes very smart music that sounds somewhat less smart than it actually is. He not only pleases the ears, but also stimulates the matter between them. My favorite song would have to be “Load Me Up” as it has one of my favorite lyrics in a song

Picture yourself at the MGM grand Murphy’s fighting Occam, you’re in the stands

not to mention the concept of being a million miles from nowhere is pure genius. There are ton of great Matt Good tunes, but as a philosophy grad that line seals the deal for me. This would be the song from my favorite band.

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