Slowcoaster, Future Radio, Company House Records

Few bands are able to transcend 2-3 genres over the course of a career, however there are far fewer that are able to transcend a laundry list of genres on a single album.TheseCape Breton (by way of B.C.) lads are better known as Slowcoaster and can countthemselvesamongstthe elite who can take elements of the east coast, fuse it with a west coast vibe and stir in that aforementioned laundry list of genres and manage to make it something new and exciting. With more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle box, Slowcoaster’s Future Radio is easily one of the best east coast discs to be released in the past five years. Tracks such as “Eurotrash”, “Leave” and “ I Was Here” will engrain themselves so deeply in your psyche that they’ll be near impossible to shake and you’ll wonder how the disc managed to weld itself into your stereo.

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