Raine Maida, The Hunters Lullaby, Nettwerk

When word began to trickle out that Raine (front-man of Our Lady Peace) Maida was heading into the studio to start work on his solo debut, imaginations began to churn with hopeandendless possibility about what the album would sound like. Interests weredefinitelypiquedby the idea of a solo Raine Maida, sadly the bar may have been set too high based on Maida’s past work with OLP and as unfair as those expectations may be, this album is going to be regarded as a grand failure. The Hunters Lullaby at best is unusual with its experimental spoken word nature there will be those who are willing to set aside their preconceived notions, but there will still be those looking for a more accessible offering (which this is not). While bands such as Radiohead carry enough weight to forgo tradition and forge their own path, Raine Maida is not in that category.

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