Ghettosocks, Get Some Friends, Indie

Ghettosocks is far from a novelty, he’s the real deal, an emcee with an ear for Old-School tearing up anyone or anything that gets in front of him. He takes hip-hop back to the streets and makes it fun again. Get Some Friends is pure ear candy, it throws the calendar back to the days of hip-hop’s infancy, when word of mouth was more important than the hype or history of beef that the genre finds itself mired in today. Back then it was just the emcee and his mic delivering the message, now with tracks entitled “Step to a T-Rex” and “Steal From Walmart” you can rest assured you’re not going to be saddled with some sort of heavy handed message. You can tell from the moment the play button is pressed that Get Some Friends is unusual. Ghettosocks is somewhat of a hip-hop Kevin Smith as the tracks are exercises in pop-culture while the tracks are dense with dialogue.

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