Bedouin Soundclash, Street Gospels, Dine Alone Records

With the help of Zellers’ inclusion of “When The Night Feels My Song” Bedouin Soundclash’s sophomore release Building a Mosaic was blasted out of the gate. Zellers’ help wasadouble bladed sword as it helped propel the album up the chart; however it also gave the music an air of novelty. It has been three years since the album was released and the Kingston three-piece has finally returned with their follow-up Street Gospels. While Building a Mosaic was the album to help the band break out, it will be Street Gospels which will solidify the credibility of the band. With tracks such as “ Gunships”, “Nico on the Night Train” and “Hush”, the Bedouin Soundclash’s brand of gospel infused reggae is as infectious as it is identifiable. If there was going to be album (other than Bob Marley’s) that that you could roll up and smoke, this would be it.

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