Jay-Z, American Gangster, Roc-A-Fella

Jay-Z’s Black Album (the “final” release) and (the “comeback”) Kingdom Come both fell well short of what we’ve come to expect from the head of Def Jam. They left a bad taste in mouths of his fans, however those who started to doubt the talent of the emcee turned CEO need look no further than American Gangster. While the aforementioned albums lacked the sizzle and pop that Jay-Z brought on his debut Reasonable Doubt, this disc proves that Sean Carter hasn’t lost his way. It’s obvious that the life of Frank Lucas struck a chord within Jigga and that resonance helped reinstate the magic that was missing on the previous 2 discs. Hova doubters need look no further than tracks such as “Roc Boys”, “Ignorant Shit” and “Fallin’” to see that Jay-Z has returned to form thanks in part to Frank Lucas and is once again blazing from both barrels.

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