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The Bling Ring review

Written and directed by Sofia Coppola, from the Vanity Fair article byNancy Jo SalesAs an anthropological study, The Bling Ring works. As a study of characters who engage, it doesn't really. Judge accordingly.Based on the true story of affluent Los Angeles teens who—obsessed with celebrity in their midst—stole $3 million worth of clothes, shoes and jewellery… Read More

Summer 2013 Movie Preview

The first thing I want to tell you is this is by no means a comprehensive list of all the movies coming out between the beginning of May and the end of August.What you'll find here are movies I have some measure of feeling about, based on what I've read and heard. There will be… Read More

Top 20 Movies of 2000-2010

This ends my trawl of the internets to find materials I wrote about movies before I started this blog two years ago, materials unseen by anyone but my friends. I hope it proves to be of some use to all y'all.   The criteria for choosing the best films of a decade is different than… Read More