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Simulant review — Replicant cinema

Directed by April Mullen | Written by Ryan Christopher Churchill | 95 min | ▲▲△△△ | Crave For awhile now I've been impressed by the influence of the Charlie Brooker science fiction show, Black Mirror. Since its debut as a deeply cynical but scarily prophetic tech-anxiety sci-fi series, I've detected the reach of its potent… Read More

The Movie Star Roster 2014

Jack Nicholson once said, and I'm paraphrasing, here, that anyone who gets to be a lead in a Hollywood movie has something special. Why? Because too many people want it. If the star didn't have some of that magic pixie dust that appeals to audiences, someone else would have gotten the gig. That shit doesn't… Read More

The Debt review

Directed by John MaddenWritten by Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goldman and Peter Straughan,based on the film Ha-Hov by Assaf Bernstein and Ido RosenblumRachel Singer (Helen Mirren), ex-husband Stephan Gold (Tom Wilkinson) and ex-pat David Peretz (Ciaran Hinds) are national heroes in their homeland of Israel. In the mid-1960s they were Mossad agents, assigned to East Berlin… Read More