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New episode of LENS ME YOUR EARS is up!

In recognition of yesterday's celebration of independence by our friends to the south, a new episode of my film podcast (co-hosted by Stephen Cooke), Lens Me Your Ears, is now available. It's #036, entitled "Make America Great," and you can find it on iTunes and on Stitcher. There's no need to worry, this podcast is… Read More

Roger Ebert 1942-2013

It's hard to overestimate the influence and impact of Roger Ebert. People talk about Pauline Kael with hushed reverence now, but what made Ebert so great, certainly the greatest movie critic in my lifetime, was his ability to communicate in a language everyone could understand. I don't know if that was always true of Kael.… Read More

Thoughts on Truly Madly Deeply

Just a heads up for anyone who will be in Halifax this coming Thursday: I'll be hosting Carbon Arc, the Khyber film society's regular screening series, presenting Anthony Minghella's first feature film Truly Madly Deeply, which for years now has been a favourite of mine. Feel free to come on down to the Khyber at 1588 Barrington… Read More