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Sanctuary review — A bonded pair

Directed by Zachary Wigon | Written by Micah Bloomberg | 96 min |▲▲▲▲△ | Amazon Prime When Rebecca (Margaret Qualley) walks into a hotel room where Hal (Christopher Abbott) is staying, she's wearing a blonde wig so patently awful right away you'll wonder about her bona fides. Apparently she's there to interview him about insurance… Read More

#AIFF2017 Day 7: Geek Girls, Novitiate

Geek Girls Here's a message to documentary filmmakers: Your project may not be entirely feasible if you make yourself the centre of it and not once, but twice, you show footage of yourself calling possible interviewees, while your voice-over says something like, "Many experts and celebrities I'd hoped to speak to bailed out at the… Read More